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Desserts we offer but aren't limited to:

3 Tier Cookie Cake

Our 3 tier Cookie Cake is 2 layers of Cookies with a layer of cake in the middle. (flavors can be customized)


Strawberry Cake in between 2 layers of Strawberry Crunch Cookies...Topped with whipped white chocolate butter cream, strawberry crunch crumbs and fresh strawberries. 

Starting price: $200.00 per cake


Custom desserts

Do you have an idea that you want to bring to life or have an event that you would like custom desserts created for? Let us make your sugar dreams come true.

Estimates available after requests have been recieved.Starting price: $200.00

Cookie Ice Cream

Festive Desserts 

Looking for delicious and creative desserts for your next holiday party? Book us today.

Estimates available after requests have been recieved. Starting price: $200.00

Halloween Macaroons

Gourmet Cookies in Bulk 

Starting price: $200.00 (starting price per cookie is $4.00. Prices per cookie varies based off of flavors requested)

25 Days of Cookies Recipe eBook (7)_edited.jpg

Ice Cream Jars

This dessert is heaven in a jar. Enjoy 2 layers of icecream layered in between 3 gourmet cookies. Starting price: $200.00 (starting at  $20.00 per jar.)

ice cream jars.jpg

Dessert Spreads

Let us cater your next event. Estimates available after requests have been recieved. Starting price: $200.00

Fancy Desserts
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