Maple Bacon Cookies

These sweet and salty cookies are so savory that you are going to want to make them again! With the perfect blend between buttery brown sugar, maple, cream cheese, and bacon, this cookie will become one of your favorite Fall recipes!

Hey Dough Girls & Dough Boys!

The end of Summer is quickly approaching and the beginning of Fall is arriving even faster. Retail stores are now fully equip with all of the Fall decorations and now it's time to start planning the desserts that you'll be bringing to the family gatherings and office parties. And I am here to tell you that THIS recipe is going to be a Fall favorite! I have made thousands of cookies, (literally) and every time I create a new recipe my family is "forced" to be the first taste testers.

So you can imagine how hard it is to get them to eat cookies everyday. haha! However, this cookie made my brother stutter as he consumed the entire confection right in my face! After celebrating 3 birthdays in one week did he really just eat the whole cookie? I couldn't believe it!

"This is the one right here." he said.

I couldn't help but smile because I knew it too. This cookie is next level.

But enough chatting, we all hate those recipe blogs that add fluff to the beginning of their blog post to make it longer. Like "GET TO THE RECIPE!"

(Don't be too upset though, we have to write a good bit if we want to be pushed more by the SEO on search engines.)

So let's get started!

The first thing we need to make is the cream cheese frosting. It's really simple and easy.

Start by creaming together your butter and cream cheese with a hand held or stand mixer on medium to low speed. Once blended and fluffy, add your salt and vanilla.

For the last step, pour small amounts (about 1/2 cup at a time) of powdered sugar into the bowl and mix on low speed until all the sugar has been used.

Your cream cheese icing will be thick and smooth. Set aside for later.

Pro tip* to make icing thicker or thinner add more or less powdered sugar.

Now it's time to make the maple bacon cookie dough. Before you get started don't forget to cook your bacon or buy pre cooked bacon to fold into this cookie dough.

We're going to start by melting our butter and pouring it into our medium/large mixing bowl. Add your sugars and mix until combined. Add your egg and extracts then mix again.

Add your dry ingredients and slowly mix using your whisk until almost combined.

Then switch to a spatula to fold the dough until the flour is fully combined.

Wrap your dough and let it sit on the counter for 30 minutes.

This will help the dough solidify as the butter goes back to room temperature.

*Pro Tip you do not have to add nutmeg or cinnamon to your dough, however, I think that it helps bring out the maple flavor more. Also, it is important to use maple extract and not maple syrup because the syrup will change the texture of the cookie. So I do not recommend making that substitution.

After 30 minutes your dough should look like this.

Crumble 3 or 4 pieces of bacon and pour into your mixing bowl. Fold the bacon until combined.

Use your cookie scooper, spoon, or hands to make 12 dough balls and top them with more bacon.

Once your oven has heated to 330 degrees Fahrenheit, bake your cookies for 12 - 14 minutes.

PRO TIP* Check cookies half way through baking process and shape them with a spatula if they are not perfect circles. Put them back in the oven and check them again close to the 1 minute mark to make sure they didn't finish baking a little early. Everyone's oven bakes a little differently.

Let cookies cool for 25-30 minutes then spread or pipe cream cheese frosting on top of the cookies. They do not have to be perfect. I promise.

I used a Wilton Round Cake Decorating Tip to ice these cookies but you can use whatever piping or spreading technique that you want.

You do not have to be a professional icing piper to impress people with these cookies.

Add more crumbled bacon on top and enjoy!

If you are new to my blog, my name is Ashley and I am the baker and creator behind Ashley's Famous Cookies. I started my online cookie company 4 years ago and have been covered in flour ever since. I have successfully shipped cookies to every state in the country and am known nationwide for my delicious soft batch cookies. If you would like to receive updates on when I drop new cookies or recipes, subscribe to receive my newsletter!

Check out the full recipe here!

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