Frequently asked questions


How do I place an order?

- Order through the online site by clicking on the "SHOP" tab. *Do note that all orders may not be availble for pick up until the next day.

Are cookies available for shipping?

Yes, MOST of our cookies can be shipped. However, some flavors/products are only available for pick up. We ship anywhere in the U.S.

Do you offer a sample/variety pack of cookies?

Because we know that all of our cookies are so tempting to try, we have made most of them available for individual sale so you can mix and match them however you choose. This allows you the freedom to create your own variety pack and try a flavor without commiting to a batch.

How many cookies are in a batch.

There are 6 cookies in a batch.

How big are the cookies?

Our cookies are about 5 inches in diameter (The size of a CD/DVD). Depending on the cookie dough and flavor, they can be slightly bigger or smaller.


Do you ship internationally?

Not, Yet. We are based in Pelham, Alabama, U.S.A and cannot ship out of the country just yet :)

How long does it take for cookies to arrive?

We use USPS Priority Mail so our cookies can arrive in 2-3 days . Although our cookies are soft batch and can last for weeks we do our best to make sure you get them in the shortest time possible. Since USPS doesn't delivery mail on Sunday, orders placed after Wednesday may not be made and shipped until Sunday or Monday to ensure maximum freshness.